Visiting Tokyo (Part 11)

Our friends took us to their family restaurant here in Nippori.  It is a Korean BBQ restaurant.  We are so excited to finally having to taste authentic Korean food.   I really like the BBQ grill they use.  It is not seen in Vancouver.

We started with some appetizers. Kimchi~

Bean sprout~

Can anyone guess what this is?

This is some kind of spicy veggie…. forgot to get the name.  Anyone who knows please remind me.

We started the BBQ with beef tongue.  It is tastier than I thought.

Tongue on BBQ.  Sizzling!!

Love the orange flame, forgot to ask what kind of fuel they use.  In Vancouver, propane BBQ is common for household usage.

Then we had some meat in between the ribs.

Dip it in some lite BBQ sauce after, yum!

Had a different cut of beef.  Forgot to take pictured of it being BBQ’d.

And then we had the top grade beef.  It is very very juicy and full of flavor.  So gooooood…..

Have you had any Korean pancake before?  This one is made with tako, veggie and eggs.

After some major meat feasting, we slowed down the meat intake with this wonderful soup.  It is made with the tail of a cow.   It is very fragrant and is very light.  I am surprised by how good the soup stock is.

This is a special home made cold noodle in soup.  Yes, it is topped with a piece of watermelon.  The soup tastes citrus and the noodles are perfectly made.  Together with some kimchi and cucumber, it is simple yet very unique.

And finally, just to make sure we are not hungry, we finished our meals with some rice in a slightly spicy sauce.

Are you ready to get some Korean BBQ?  If you like to try this restaurant the next time you go to Tokyo, I can direct you there.

Special thanks to our friends who spent time with us and to take us around to try the wonderful food in Tokyo.

P.S. if you still can’t guess what the raw meat dish is, the answer is cow liver sashimi.  It actually tasted like beef with a slightly different texture.  I would encourage you to try it, too.

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