Tokyo Trip 2013 – 07

Even in late April, the weather in Tokyo was warm enough that we were basically out and about with just a t-shirt during the day, and maybe occasionally a fleece jacket at night. It was a very nice evening and the cats were out hanging out with locals.

It also feels very peaceful to see good luck charms hanging on trees nearby.

Fast forward to the next day – being on vacation means I didn’t have to remember which day it was :)

Wife and I attended our first ever Doll Party (no. 29) at Tokyo Big Sight. Having see all the doll collectors and how they dress up their dolls adds another level of appreciation of this hobby. Although I personally don’t collect them, I have to say it is a nice hobby for those who are into it.

Tokyo Big Sight is a very big convention centre. I really like the scale of the event and definitely was excited to be in such a venue.

By the time we finished the convention, it was already time for sunset.

We couldn’t ask for better weather :)

Hope we will be back to this fantastic location again next time.

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