American Eagles

We are lucky enough in Vancouver that we are very close to nature. Apart from the occasional feeding squirrels and rabbits at Minoru Park, following a family of racoons or skunks in the West End, we also have American eagles around where we live.

These birds are majestic creatures.  They are fast, big, and they can see you from a thousand feet above.

They also make very distinct noise and every time I hear it, I can’t help but to try to locate the bird with my camera.

I have not seen their nests but I imagine they live somewhere high up some tall trees where we cannot disturb them.

At this time of the year, I have seen them a few times picking roots from the field to build their nests.  They also always appear in pairs but I have not had a chance to capture them in photos together.

I used to think my 70-200 mm zoom lens has a lot of range.  But with these creatures, I am starting to think I need a longer range lens.

Are there any wildlife other than stray cats and dogs living around your neighborhood?

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