Avenue 18 Fine Tea Merchant

I like coffee a lot, and I enjoy a good cup of latte whenever I can afford it. Vancouver is filled with great coffee places and it is not difficult to find alternatives of Starbucks and Seattle’s Best. However, I have also grown to like tea a lot. In Richmond, there aren’t too many good coffee places. When we hang out in Richmond, we find ourselves going to tea places instead. Well, this time we found ourselves stumbling upon this tea merchant.

Avenue 18 Fine Tea Merchant is a small shop located at Union Square. Even though it is a small shop, the tea and merchandise they sell are amazing and well picked.

Being a tea merchant, they sell lots of different kinds of tea. I don’t know tea enough to give you an introduction but I can show you photos :)

Walls of tea!

And if you like to smell them, you can smell the samples already handily placed in front of you.

I really wonder if I can try all these tea!

I don’t think the tea here is inexpensive, but to have such a big variety of choices I think it is worthwhile paying a little bit more.

Apart from tea, they sell some very nice teapots. They are imported from Japan!

There are expensive ones and affordable ones.

You know from the appearance of these teapots, they are not the affordable ones ^^;

This set of teapot and cups are fancy ones probably for having high-tea :)

To my surprise, they also sell siphon coffee makers! What a bonus :)

I was a like a kid going into a toy store and we stayed until closing time. If you are in the neighbourhood, you might want to pay them a visit!


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