Home Brewed Coffee

Other than paying someone to make coffee for me, I also love to make coffee at home.

I used to grind coffee beans instead of getting the ground, but since my grinder broke I have started to be a bit lazy….  Picked up this can of illy coffee at a local store for $10.  It is pretty smooth and makes a good cup of drip coffee.

Other than using the paper filter and a coffee dripper from Daiso, I also like to use the Bodum French Press.  It is money well spent considering the good number of pots of coffee I have made.

Are you a coffee drinker?  What is your favorite way of making your coffee?

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    • Howie
      Howie says:


      I missed the smell of ground coffee. Like you, I’ve been lazy. At home, I would use French Press. Another lazy way to make coffee.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      illy is very smooth. I find it hard to screw up illy where as if I ground my own beans, the taste varies more than I like :)


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