Visiting Tokyo (Part 5)

Personally, I find food in Tokyo delicious.  I didn’t spend a lot of time in expensive restaurants.  Our trip is on a budget and therefore, the food choices reflect our budget.  However, we did enjoy a lot of the meals we ate.

First off, food from this restaurant is definitely fast food quality.  It was the first night of arrival and we were too tired and hungry to keep looking for a nicer place.  As you can see from the signs at the front of the restaurant, the price is pretty cheap.

This is two kinds of meat on a hot plate. Overall, the taste is good and there are no surprises.

Next, Rakuya in Ikebukuro is a place we like to eat at least once.  Their Japanese curry is creamy and spicy at the same time.

The curry portion is pretty generous.

Curry with meat inside.

The next kind of food we like to get is MOS Burger.  It is not available in Vancouver and we find the burgers there has a fine Japanese quality.

For example, the burgers are always served with very soft buns, they are like a sponge.  The tomatos are always as red as ketchup, and the temperature of the burger is always right.  They often give a generous amount of sauce with it so it is extra juicy.  Just be careful not to drip all over the place when you enjoy your burger.

The chicken burger has nicely chopped lettuce.  One thing I am very impressed is that the burger you get actually looks like the picture from the menus.

And the fries are almost like home made fries.

During this trip, it was my first time trying Mister Donut.

There are a lot of choices.  I really enjoyed the ring-shaped donuts.

It is summer in Tokyo, can’t you tell from the picture of the drinks?

Speaking of drinks, Starbucks is offering this Coffee Jelly Frap.  It is uniquely Asian, reminds me of bubble tea.

There is also this Soba tea that Danny recommended.  It is not sweetened and is a great summer drink.

Hope you enjoyed this food related post, there will be more coming.

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  1. Leila K
    Leila K says:

    Cool pix Kam! So so so jealous!!! ~.~ D & I are waiting religiously by our computer for the new updates so please post more, okay? BTW, love the layout of your blog! You two inspire me to start my own soon :)


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