Lamma Island

During my trip to Hong Kong, I had a chance to visit Lamma Island. Lamma Island used to be a small fishing island, producing lots of pawn paste and other sun dried seafood. I used to despise the smell of the seafood hanging to dry up and be preserved by salt. Now, I don’t find it offensive anymore probably because my nose doesn’t work as well anymore :P

It is such a small island that there are no regular cars allowed because the streets are not wide enough. But because of that, the life style is very different. Most people either walk around the island or ride their bikes. There are some motorized vehicles that are only good for transporting small amount of building materials and the driver. Life is peaceful when everyone slows down.

I was surprised to find a lot of new buildings since I was there last time, but that was 20 years ago so I shouldn’t really be that surprised. The streets and walkways changed a lot and other than the main stretch close to the ferry terminal, I can’t figure out the place anymore.

Most houses here are quite interesting to look at; how about a naturally textured steel sliding door for a front entrance?!

There are still a lot of old buildings as well, some are quite rundown, some are even unoccupied. Kind of a waste as Lamma Island is quite a relaxing place to spend the weekend.

If you like fresh seafood, there are quite a number of restaurants specializing in making you all sorts of dishes with creatures from under the water.

They also have lots of little restaurants for leisurely afternoon snacks or beers. There are holiday houses for rent if you need to spend a couple of days away from the busy city life.

Lamma Island is very close to Hong Kong Island, the ferry ride takes about 40 minutes from Central in Hong Kong. Just to put things in perspective, my commute to work here in Vancouver takes 1 hour each way.

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    I love visiting the smaller islands around Hong Kong. They can let you rest your ears and allow you to see a spot of blue sky for once when you’re in HK. Not to mention the seafoods =)


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