HG Gundam Unicorn Collection

Since Amiami.com has been extending their 50% off International Shipping, my wallet has been bleeding non-stop…. Another shipment just arrived before the weekend and here is what I got.

First, I got an HG ReZel Commander Type. I already got the regular type but what the hack…. I also got the HG Loto twin set, well, there is another gunpla that doubles the fun for me. And lastly, an HG Geara Zulu. This time, it costs ¥5,898 including shipping. Again, if I were to get these locally, I probably would be paying around C$90 for all three give or take.

I have no idea when I will get to build these but I enjoy the box art just the same.

The Geara Zulu is not a new kit, or at least, it is a few months old now but it looks like a pretty good kit.

The HG Loto is so small, they have to put two in the box to make it worth while…. Despite the Loto is not a very powerful unit, its tactical value is pretty high, at least from the Gundam Unicorn OVA point of view.

And I picked up the HG Unicorn Gundam at a local store. Over-paid of course but Amiami is out of stock.

And lastly, I also picked up the HG Kshatriya from the same local store. Cost an arm and a leg for this one.  I will have to enjoy building these gunplas ^^

Together with the HG ReZel regular type, here is my entire High Grade collection of Gundam Unicorn gunplas. I am sure I will get more when they release more, like the HG Sinanju?

Since I am currently working on the HG Seravee Gundam, the Gundam Unicorn gunplas are patiently waiting on the bookshelf.

Are you a fan of Gundam Unicorn?

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Ya, the Rezel Commander Type is good looking :) I like both the regular and the commander types. Anything Gundam Unicorn is quickily beoming a favorite ^^;


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