HG Seravee Gundam – Part 4

Been thinking that the extra armor on the shoulders look a bit skinny compared to some line-arts I have seen online. So I have decided to try something and see if I can improve the proportion of the armor.

I traced the original armor shape on a piece of paper and then made it thicker and in the proportion that I like. Here is what the “pattern” looks like after being put on top of the original armor. The second armor is on the right for comparison.

Still got to think about how to make it look like a real piece of armor later.

With the paper pattern I traced the shape on the styrene sheet and cut it out using the modeling knife.

Then some small details are added to each piece. It was difficult to make them the same…

Putting a piece on the armor and ensure it lines up properly before permanently securing it with Tamiya Cement.

Finally, all four pieces are cemented on the original armors. The idea here is to make the armor looks bigger without making Seravee Gundam looks wider.

I will post some more photos once I made the armors look more finished.

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