Maxpower Power Bank E720i

As you all know, the battery life of iPhones is not great.  There have been times I felt a bit stranded when my iPhone 4 (2+ years old now) was nearly out of battery in a late afternoon and I had to be out and about, not near any power outlets to recharge my iPhone.  That is when I thought I needed this extra piece of gadget to help me get through the day while I need to be mobile.


The Maxpower Power Bank is not a new product. They have lots of different kinds of battery accessories for different uses. I like this one because it can recharge my iPhone a few times if I need to be away from the power outlet for a little while. This unit can also recharge an iPad.


It has both a 1.0A USB power outlet and a 2.1A USB power outlet.  Perfect for the bigger gadgets.


It does come with a whole bunch of cables and adapters, but no iOS device adapters.


It is a bit bigger than the iPhone. I don’t think I would go for smaller batteries because they are of limited usage.  This one is perfect for me as it is not a battery case that is permanently adding bulk to my iPhone.  When I need to charge the iPhone, all I need to do is to connect the two using the iPhone cable.  I can even leave the battery inside my backpack or jacket pocket.


To recharge the battery, just plug it into an iPhone charger using the mini USB cable that comes with the unit.


The LED lights below the power button tells you how much power is left in the unit.  If you are out and about a lot, this kind of backup power for your iPhone is pretty necessary.

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