Rome, Italy – Day 1

Finally gotten a chance to process these photos taken in May this year. Yes, I visited Rome with my family and Rome was a lot of fun. Lots to see and weather at that time of the year was perfect.

This is right in front of Spanish Steps, a very popular tourist attraction. We were staying pretty close to this location. If you are into famous brand shopping, you would find this an excellent location.

Looking down after going up the Spanish Steps. Rome does not have tall buildings. It is actually refreshing not to see skyscrapers for a change.


Love the restaurants in Rome. There are so many to choose from.

After some exploring around the neighbourhood, we decided to get some food and this is the first cafe we visited. Love the coffee bar where customers can just walk up and order a espresso coffee and drink it right at the bar. And Italian coffee tastes so good!




We finished our first day of visit at around 9:30 PM. That was a lot of walking. It is amazing how much Rome you could see just by walking around.

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