Rome, Italy – Day 2 at the Colosseum

For the later half of our second day in Rome, we spent around the Colosseum. There were quite a few different spots to hit and after getting out of the Metro, we were on our feet for the remaining of the afternoon.

The above were taken after lunch when we were leaving the Vatican City and going towards the Colosseum. Rome is a motorbike friendly city :)

I guess this is what they used to wear for sports?!

Stone and concrete buildings are awesome to look at.

I am sure it is pretty hot inside these buildings in the summer, hence, lots of windows I supposed….

Arrived at the Colosseum and did a quick walk around the perimeter. It took a little bit of time to go around it.

Here is another view of the Colosseum. Can you believe that it was built in AD 70?

We actually decided to visit other sites before going inside the Colosseum. Here is Le Forum Romain.

That took a while to get around but when we were done visiting Le Forum Romain, the exit took us back to the Colosseum.

I like how the lowered sun cast the shadow to the inside of the Colosseum.

And from the top level of the Colosseum, you can get a better view of the surrounding areas. This is the Arch of Constantine.

And of course, all the traffic and buildings going around the Colosseum.

After the Colosseum, we still had some time so we decided to take a look at other sites around the area.

After walking around for quite a bit, everyone was ready to start looking for food. We had one last sighting of the Colosseum before boarding the Metro.

The Metro was pretty packed with people. And I love how they did graffiti on their trains. This one is totally covered!

We got back near Spagna area and the sun was almost ready to set.

And it was time to decide which restaurants to dine at out of all the many many choices.

This was the last night we spent in Rome. We only managed to squeeze a couple of nights here and the next day we were on our way to a cruise around the Mediterranean. More later.

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