Hong Kong at Night

When night falls, shopping begins! That makes sense to me. If shops only opens during regular business hours, who has time to shop?

Street level shops are popular, buildings that are on the main streets usually got some commercial levels on the lower floors of the buildings.

This building actually has 5 floors of commercial tenants.

And some of the big billboards extend beyond the commercial floors. Well, I bet those residential tenants living right besides the extra bright billboards pay way less electricity bill!

Same with a building being lit up by a big sign from an opposite building. I wonder if the building warms up from the light?

For shopping districts like Causeway Bay, cars don’t even have to turn on heads light at night to drive down the streets.

I don’t know about you but personally, I feel a lot safer walking down well-lit streets.

These flood lights shinning down from commercial billboards remind me of the Space Shuttle launch pad….

I grew up with neon signs and commercial sign boards, kind of miss seeing them since I moved to Vancouver.

Shopping centres are great for treasure hunting, there are so much to see when you shop in Asia. You will run out of money way before you run out of choices :P

And of course you will have to put up with the crowd when you visit Hong Kong. If you have never been to a big city, it could be stressful as people are not as nice and you have to put up with way more smokers as well.

Funny I caught a quiet moment on this intersection at Causeway Bay.  Usually this crosswalk has tones of people waiting to get to the opposite side. Oh I know, most people are having dinner at this time (8:47 pm)….

I didn’t get to find out what the senior citizens are doing at night under a very busy overpass. If you know, please enlighten me.

It looks like some office buildings are more conservative in energy usage at night. I wonder if they even turn off the air conditioning system. That would be horrible to go to work early in the morning while the whole office is like a sauna…

Here is a photo of 2 residential buildings, with a commercial building sandwiched in the middle further away. Can you live in apartment buildings?

I wonder if anyone is keeping count of the number of buildings in Hong Kong. With the rate they go up and being demolished, it can be a figure that fluctuates daily!

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  1. Geraldine
    Geraldine says:

    Where can I purchase a large picture of Hong Kong evening scene in Vancouver or the Tri,cities?


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