HG Seravee Gundam – Part 7

Making some small progress today. Sanding down most of the putty I put on to cover up the surface imperfections.  The “arms” of Seraphim Gundam is pretty bad as you can tell with the amount of putty left on the surface after sanding.

The buttom of the arms are the same. Guess that’s why High Grade kits take just as long as Master Grade kits :P

Also removed the finger tabs that were designed for us to open the GN emitter (?) on the shoulder armor. Those little tabs (to be removed on the armor on the left) make the gunpla feel more like a toy than a gunpla….

With them removed (the one on the right), it looks closer to what it should be.

Next, adding a little bit more details to the front hip.

This part is a lot smaller than those I made panel lines on before, it did not turn out as nicely as I hoped.

Slowly I am making progress….

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