Toast Box

Toast Box (土司工坊) is a nice cafe in Hong Kong that serves Singaporean-inspired snacks and drinks. When I was staying in Hong Kong, there is one just nearby and was great to try it out.

The interior decor is nice and has a South-Eastern Asia feel to it.

I had their coffee there and really reminded me the ones I had in Singapore a number of years ago.

And good food is, of course, the reason why I am getting a belly. The slice of butter in the bun makes it perfect!

I really like the theme of this coffee shop.  Much different than Starbucks.

You can even buy kaya from them.

The next time I am in Hong Kong, I will definitely go back for more coffee and buns.


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  1. chun
    chun says:

    Mmmmm kaya… hope Yaohan carry some again eventually :P that thick strip of butter will go straight into your belly lol


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