Thousands of Snow Geese

Every year, snow geese migrate south to warmer places. They fly past Vancouver around the end of October and beginning of November and we get to see thousands of them.

There are literally thousands and they make a lot of noise when during their flight.  You could hear them from miles away.

It is quite a magnificent scene to see.  Usually, from when you can hear them to when they are close to you takes only minutes. After all, they fly ^^;

There are 4 main flyways that snow geese and other birds migrate between the arctic and South America.  Vancouver is along the Pacific Flyway.

This is just before they land on a field.

This is how nature tells us the passing of seasons.  Here is the post of the snow geese migration from last year.

What have you done this year so far for yourself, your family and your community? ^^

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Thanks Ghostly Substance. We really enjoy the sight of the thousands of birds. It is a good reminder to us that Winter is usually only days away :)


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