Our favorite pumpkin patch

It has been a few years in a row now that we visit the Village Garden for our seasonal pumpkins. We just love the family feel to this pumpkin patch. Nothing commercialized about it and the pumpkins are always nice and fresh and reasonably priced. Highly recommended if you are looking for pumpkins in the Steveston neighbourhood.

This sign is hand made :)

They have some very big pumpkin, like this one.

Other than size, there is also a goose looking pumpkin.

If you like to pick your own, I am sure you can go nuts out there in the patch.

Every pumpkin knows how to enjoy life chilling out under the sun :)

I am very pleased how clean and healthy every single pumpkin looks.  I am sure they are well taken care of.


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  1. ken
    ken says:

    you know, japanese pumpkins are green… i like the contrast of the orange pumpkins and the green fields. ^^

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Orange looks so bright during this time of the year when all fall colours darkens the fields. We also have kabocha in our markets but I didn’t see them in our pumpkin patch.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Thanks Howie, yes I can’t believe summer is done and now we are having winter next. Fall was way too short while it lasted.


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