Living in a Townhome

We have been living in townhomes since we moved away from our parents. We are currently living in our second townhome. For those who are not familiar with the term “townhome” or “townhouse”, what it means is a building with multiple units, each unit is separated from another unit by a common wall. Most townhouses these days got its own garage on the ground level, a living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, and bedrooms on the top floor.  Some bigger townhomes also got a guest room on the ground level as well.

We were lucky to have had a chance to living in this unit previously. With the two of us and two cats, this unit was very spacious. The design of the main floor is very simple: living room and dining room share one big space, and the kitchen is on the far side with a powder room separating the kitchen from the rest of the floor.

Most townhomes these days come with some kind of hardwood flooring on the main floor.  We had laminate flooring. It is great for people with pets.

The laminate flooring makes cleaning very easy. It is especially important for lazy people like us who don’t want to spend more than an hour cleaning the house.  We really like this townhome because of the open layout and big windows.  Kind of missing these features:)

Of course, the kitchen in a townhome is not as big as those in a typical house. This kitchen we had was not too bad. If we wanted to, we could fit a small table and a few chairs here to have dinner.  Reminds me of how I grew up in Asia :)

Behind the french door in the kitchen is a small patio. Unfortunately, it faces neighbours’ patios so there isn’t much to show you. Sometimes we saw half-naked men smoking in their patios across from us and we were so grossed out =_=;  Our blinds were mostly drawn and the french door also got some decorative coverings to keep the place well lit but with some much-needed privacy.

Our bedroom was on the top floor. The top floor originally came with carpet. Since we have cats, I decided that it is too much work to vacuum the carpet so we had some laminate flooring installed. It was the first time we did renovation and we hired a general contractor to help out. Learned a lot of things about hiring a contractor and renovation. It was a lot of fun and well worth the time and effort to do all the work. We chose a smaller room to fit in our bed as we need more space for our home office.  We were lucky that the design of the smaller room actually fit our bed pretty well.

This is our home office. It has a lot of space and we spent a lot of time here. The big windows lit up the room really well and since it is facing north, there is no direct sun coming into the room. That helps keep the room cooler in the summer. I really like the darker flooring we had but keeping it looking clean was difficult. Paw prints and dust show up really well on dark flooring, think twice before getting dark flooring in your own home.

Well, all these photos were taken when we decided to move on from this townhome. These are our staging photos and usually, the place was a lot messier :P

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  1. samejima
    samejima says:

    you’ve got a nice home there. The unit that my Dad bought was uber trash.. good for 2 persons only, not for big family.. He sold it off to a friend years ago.

  2. chun
    chun says:

    It’s kinda ironic that the laminated flooring is easy to clean but letting it stay looking clean is difficult lol!


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