Gudrun Tasting Room

Discovered this little restaurant in Steveston and was waiting for an opportunity to try it out. Gudrun Tasting Room is located in the Steveston Village, somewhat hidden but very trendy in what it offers.

They specialize in organic food and wine selections. If you are looking for alternatives to the usual commercial restaurants, you will find their food selection refreshing, simple and tasty.

The courtyard outside is setup for outside dinning or wine tasting. I heard that there will be a patio party coming soon :)

The inside decor is trendy and not congested. Lots of room for socializing.

As it is a place for wine tasting, their menu does not offer full entries. This is not a place for you to go stuff yourself :P

We didn’t try the dinner menu, instead we went for their Sunday Brunch today.

Their brunch menu is simple and tasty, for example: Blueberries with 3 wedges of waffles and fresh whipped cream.

Or eggs benny with avocado on croissant, paired with a mild salad drizzled with vinegar.

If you are curious, you can check out their menus. The owner of Gudrun Tasting Room, Patrick Tubajon, is extremely nice. Check out the little trendy restaurant if you are in the area!

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