Granville Island Broom Company

We stumbled across this magical place called Granville Island Broom Company and couldn’t believe what we found. To all witches out there, if you need to replace your existing broom with a more authentic, hand-made, using original all natural materials, and of quality and styles that no other rivals, you are in luck.

We entered the shop and it is like entering a gallery for handmade brooms of all kinds of styles and sizes.

The Granville Island Broom Company offers flat ones, round ones, long ones, short ones, different handle shapes and sizes. Brooms for different jobs.  Brooms for all ages.

They are all made to be very aerodynamic to reduce the effort to use them.

Every single broom was made to have unique personalities, you will have to literally try them out in the shop. You are guaranteed to find a perfect match.

If you are not into flying anymore, there are small ones that can automagically help you with house chores.  All you got to do is to say the magic words and they will jump on their feet and start cleaning :)

Just like these little brooms, they are eager to help once you bring them home.

Every single broom is made right in the shop using traditional machinery and workmanship.  No wonder why they are all very unique and attractive in their own ways.

Most of us won’t settle for just getting one.  If you see a few that are suitable for you, you’d better get them before they are snatched by the next master of house chores.

Even if you already have a lot of brooms at home, you will find that these brooms are very irresistible.  Com’on, pick one up and give it a try.  They are made to be very lightweight, easy to hold and bouncy while you sweep.

Each broom is a work of art, they are probably the most luxurious brooms I have ever encountered so far :)

If you are curious how they make the magical brooms, you’ve got to visit the store and get a live demo.

Other than the regular size brooms, you can also get smaller ones for decoration.

Good luck to all master of house chores and witches out there, hope you can find your perfect brooms!

Lastly, here is their contact info should you like to check them out.

address: 1406 Old Bridge Street, Vancouver, BC, V6H 4G9



phone: 604-629-1141

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