Some Random Photos

This time I got some random photos taken in the past couple of weeks.

kamlau_P1050212 by you.

One does not get to see this kind of sunset everyday.  It is absolutely stunning.

kamlau_IMG_0973 by you.

Most of the summer days are rather long and sunny.  Our longest days are from slightly after 4AM till 10PM.  It is delightful to be in Vancouver in the summer.

kamlau_IMG_0968 by you.

This photo was taken at around 8PM.  As you can see it is still very bright around.  Got to love the ample chance of taking photos during the summer time.

kamlau_P1040717 by you.

This photo was taken around 4:30AM in our home office.  Most of the time I don’t get up this early.

kamlau_P1040734 by you.

Speaking of home office, I do have a few computers I muck around with.  I do most of my personal information management on the Mac.  The MSI Wind notebook runs Windows 7 and I use it mainly for VPN to work.  It is amazing how well the MSI runs for simple tasks.  However, it does not handle playing back HD videos very well.

kamlau_P1040742 by you.

This is some cool structure.  The beams are engineering wood material.  It is getting more and more popular in Vancouver area.

kamlau_IMG_0866 by you.

Too bad they can’t use engineering wood to build bridges.  The bridge the photo was taken from is Oak Street Bridge, overlooking the new suspension bridge where the new Canada Line will run between Downtown and Richmond.

kamlau_P1040790 by you.

Unfortunately, driving still remains one of the most popular transportation in Vancouver.  I am sure we have a long way to go before being able to be more green with our auto usage.  Vancouverites can’t seem to be able to give up driving, the lack of efficient alternative public transportation is probably one of the main causes.

kamlau_P1040837 by you.

Another gorgeous sunset.  This one was taken from the top of a shopping centre.  It is hard to find roof top places to take photos.  If you know any tips of getting on to roof tops, please let me know.

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