It is my first time trying to capture lightning.  It does not happen a lot in Vancouver and therefore I don’t get a lot of practise.  Tonight I just happened to be at home and the camera batter is charged so I played a little.  It is a lot of fun.

Setting the camera to shoot at 4 sec shutter speed helps a lot.  Since I don’t have a remote for the Sony camera, I had to hold on to the shutter button so that it shoots continuously.  Of the ~200 shots I took, this is the only one I can share.  The other 190+ shots didn’t catch any lightning. The few that did, not all are nice.

It is kind of like fishing, except no life is harmed from shooting lightning with a camera :)

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  1. Bryan
    Bryan says:

    Wow… absolutely stunning photo. The purple hues addes a sort of fantasy surrealistic feel to it all. Oh hi Chun! It’s me Bryan (Shorudan)! When are you coming back to Singapore for holiday!? :)


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