Late Summer Photos

Summer is ending soon.  After Labour Day (first Monday in September), school will go back to normal schedule and it seems another 10 months of hard work starts all over again in the work force. Summer always seem to give everyone a little break.  However Summer is selfishly short here in Vancouver. The most enjoyable time in the year in my opinion is July and August.  It is when the weather is usually the mildest, with the longest day light and has the least amount of rain.

Sometimes it has been so nice and relaxing in the summer that we forgot how winter here can be so horrible – very short amount of daylight, always cloudy and rainy, sometimes stormy. Of course before we see winter, we will see autumn first.  I look forward to autumn as it is my favourite season for some reason.

And if you think I like sunset, you guessed right as well.  I think both Autumn and during sunset, they both bring out a lot of colours in our surroundings.

I think I drove the ducks away….

After using the Lumix GF2 for a while, it is still difficult to compare it to a DSLR. Maybe because I don’t have the right lens for the GF2, I still find the Canon T1i produces much better results. The noise level of the GF2 is too high to be useful at low light condition.  I think if I were to try another compact mirrorless system, the Sony NEX series cameras would be my next choice.  Anyone who are using the Sony NEX series? I would like to hear about your personal experience.

An imperfect sunflower.  Actually it is just the time of the year….

Captain Noah moved on to a bigger boat….

Wild daisy still blooms at this time of the year.

Imperfect fence :P

Just near where we live, the field is now filled up by golden crop.  Wonder what they planted this year….

And shooting the moon is still a bit of a challenge for me. If I try to get the details of the moon, then everything else will be very dark.  If I want to get a bit of the surroundings, then the moon is over exposed.  Anyone got any tips I can borrow?

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