Visiting Tokyo (Part 9)

This time, we are going to show you Nabe we had in Tokyo. Friends of ours took us to ChankoDining. It is a restaurant owned by a former sumo wrestler champion.

Before talking about the food, I think it is important to highlight the excellent service we received. We didn’t have to make the nabe ourselves. There was a very friendly waitress helping us with our cooking. Imagine having to cook nabe 10 times a day!? Also, the waitress is totally wired. She has a microphone at the front of her shirt, and she also has an earpiece. Guess that is to enhance communication with the kitchen/co-worker to provide better service to their customers in the restaurant.

Ok, back to food. First we started with some small appetizers. The above is pickled eggplants. It is amazingly refreshing.

Then we had this amazingly creamy tofu.

You put the tofu on the piece of cracker, and put some honey on top. I have never had this kind of tofu before. It is so creamy that I almost thought it is some kind of dairy product. If you go to Japan, you have to look out for tofu. It will change the way you think about tofu!

We were also served salad by the waitress. It is so nicely arranged.

Then we had some chicken karaage. It was very tender and juicy.

Then we start our nabe. This is what is looks like in the beginning.

There are lots of tofu, mushrooms, veggie, fish balls and pork.

Looks very different while it is being cooked.

And when it is cooked, it looks like this.

Again the waitress arranged each of our bowls of nabe for us. There was enough for us to have a couple rounds.

And if the appetizers and the nabe are not enough to fill your stomach, you have a choice of noodles, or

rice to finish your dinner.

We are very thankful that our friends could take time from their busy schedule to take us to try the great Japanese food.

The next post, we will show you Korean BBQ we had while we were in Tokyo.

4 replies
  1. FatB
    FatB says:

    There is the nabe girl! Puppy52 attempts to hide her go in vain!

    When you first said she “is totally wired”, I thought you meant she was high on something. That mic is to call sumo wrestling bouncers when you attempt to sneak her pic.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      She was professional and she helped us take a group photo as well… too bad she isn’t in the group photo :P

  2. Leila K
    Leila K says:

    We had Nabe when we were in Tokyo too! We found a little cute one w/ local friends just outside the train station (also own by a former sumo wrestler champion). Luckily we were with them coz the menu is in japanese only w/ very few photos. That was probably one of the memorable meals we had when we were there… the rice mixing w/ the left over soup stock was heavenly!

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      I would love to try the little shops just outside train stations. We tried some smaller shops around the hotel but I heard good things about the shops outside train stations…. But yes, I would have problem ordering if they don’t have a ticket machine or a menu with pictures.


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