Tokyo Trip / 2013.03 / Meiji Jingu

We continued to have our leisure walk into Meiji Jingu Shrine close to Harajuku Station. The shrine covers a large area and is quite phenomenal to experience the scale of construction and the large amount of green space right in a metropolis. It was during Golden Week when we visited and there were a lot of locals visiting the shrine as well. It was a very nice experience to take a leisure stroll into this well-covered pathway towards the shrine.

There are a few of these large gates leading into the shrine.

Before entering the shrine, you are supposed to clean your hands and mouth.

Getting charms are one of the reasons people come to a shrine. The charms range from ¥500 to about ¥2,000.

Lovely wooden structure.

We were lucky to see couples getting married.

This is quite amazing to see in person.

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