Culture Japan and Danny Choo

During our trip to Japan, we had the privilege to meet with Danny a couple of times and attend his Culture Japan Season 2 recording. It was awesome being able to see how Culture Japan is made at Danny’s headquarters. Also, it was great to meet new friends via Danny.

Mirai mobile, it is a very cute itasha :)

Danny and his wife do a lot of the shooting and editing work themselves and they are intimately knowledgeable with the camera equipment they use. I haven’t done any videography and this is an eye-opener to see how a TV production can be filmed.

Danny is also big on cameras and photography. There is no coincidence that the photos on his blog are super nice. I learned a lot about cameras through Danny. Here is Danny talking to Syaoran about camera equipment.

A couple other friends we met in Japan through Danny. On the right is Nagato Pyon and on the left is Dans from Thumbnail of Life. Thank you so much for hanging out with us. It was so much fun :) Let’s hang out again in Japan!

Yoshimi, who was Danny’s AFA co-host, made another appearance in Culture Japan season 2.

Going to Danny’s place makes adults behave like kids again. Why? Three are so many toys and high-tech gadgets around, you just can’t stop looking and touching :P Look at all these Macs and mouse pads!!

And there are models and figures of Gundam and Macross.

Loads of anime related posters.

and games…

Never tried this kind of games. Need to learn more Japanese before I can handle them ^^;

Danny took us out for dinner after filming. It was great to see his neighbourhood after reading about it on his blog.

Danny never stops working :) Actually、 when one finds his passion, the line between work and pleasure disappears.

We got back to Danny’s headquarters after dinner, Danny and wife offered us more treats and snacks.

Seriously, Danny can transform any adult into kids in no time. It is so much fun hanging out with Danny and at the same time, I feel that Danny has accomplished so much in his life that it is ultra inspiring to learn what he has done. I look forward to meeting Danny and wife again in the future. Thanks for inviting us to the filming and treating us to a great dinner. It was a lot of fun!!

For more photos of the day, you can also visit Danny’s blog post.

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