Snow Geese Migration Season 4


There has been thousands and thousands of snow geese migrating through Richmond every year.  The fields in Richmond have been where they land and feed before carrying on with their migration journey. I am glad Greater Vancouver has enough places to support the snow geese during their migration. Otherwise we might not be able to see them so up close and personal.

_MG_5889 _MG_5892 _MG_5897 _MG_5935 _MG_5901 _MG_5959 _MG_5957 _MG_5961 _MG_5969 _MG_6162 _MG_6106 _MG_6391 _MG_6393 _MG_5952 _MG_5997 _MG_6360 _MG_6077 _MG_6093 _MG_6388 _MG_5948 _MG_6430

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