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I have taken some night shots to compare the noise level of these three cameras that I own: Sony Alpha NEX-5N, Canon T1i and Panasonic Lumix GF2.  The Sony and Panasonic cameras are both mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, the Canon is a DSLR.  In terms of price point when introduced to market with a kit lens, the Canon is the most expensive of the three, the Panasonic is the cheapest.

All these cameras have different sensor sensitivity.  The most limiting of them is the Panasonic Lumix GF2 with a highest ISO 6400.  The Canon T1i has the highest ISO at 12800 and Sony Alpha NEX-5N has the highest ISO at 25600.  The above pictures are 100% crop at ISO 6400 for a fair comparison.  The Sony Alpha NEX-5N compares very favourably to the Canon T1i, if not better. The Alpha NEX-5N, having the APS-C size sensor (same size as the DSLR) seems to have given it a big image quality advantage over the Lumix GF2.

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Here are some quick side-by-side physical comparison of the Sony NEX-5N and the Lumix GF2 cameras.

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I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted about Gundam.  I guess I have been spending more time watching Gundam anime than doing any other Gundam related activities.  Since I have not made much progress with my last Gunpla project, there is nothing to report.  However I am going to record at least what are the latest Gunpla purchases since the last time I posted about my Gunpla collection.

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We went to Sushi Hachi in Richmond earlier this month. It is one of the better sushi restaurants in Richmond.

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Took a bit of a blogging vacation for a month and now finally got time to catch up. It was in July when a friend from work invited me out on his boat to cruise to English Bay.

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When night falls, shopping begins! That makes sense to me. If shops only opens during regular business hours, who has time to shop?

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There are lots of old buildings in Hong Kong. I think the most interesting ones are the corner buildings with a round corner on every floor.  These buildings are pretty old, and most are not tall at all.  I would guess they are 50 to 60 years on average. I hope they will preserve these buildings are they are much more interesting than the new taller highrises built these days. Here are some photos of the corner houses I took while I was in Hong Kong.

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During my trip to Hong Kong, I had a chance to visit Lamma Island. Lamma Island used to be a small fishing island, producing lots of pawn paste and other sun dried seafood. I used to despise the smell of the seafood hanging to dry up and be preserved by salt. Now, I don’t find it offensive anymore probably because my nose doesn’t work as well anymore :P

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