HG Seravee Gundam – Part 9

Months went by since I last worked on my HG Seravee Gundam…. It was a busy summer for me and I ended up not being able to work on any of my gunplas.  So now I have a very big back log of them. Time to get working again!

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HG Seravee Gundam – Part 7

Making some small progress today. Sanding down most of the putty I put on to cover up the surface imperfections.  The “arms” of Seraphim Gundam is pretty bad as you can tell with the amount of putty left on the surface after sanding.

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HG Seravee Gundam – Part 2

Last time I stopped working on the HG Seravee Gundam after putting the head and the upper body together, and did some small modification on the head. This time, I have done a little bit more refinement on the head as well as building the arms. A small detail is also added to the arm to enhance the appearance. Here is a small write up.

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