The Vancouver Christmas Market

Finally, Christmas is just around the corner.  This has been a busy year for me with lots of time spent away from home, unfortunately.  It is great to be able to have a proper catch-up time with friends and family.  And that also means trying to do some photography whenever possible.  So here we went to the Vancouver Christmas Market and check out the festivity.

The market opened from November 24 until December 24.  We just managed to catch it on a calm day without much rain.

The line-up to get in wasn’t too bad and since we got the tickets online already, we pretty much walked right in.

There are lots of vendors selling Christmas related items.  Hummm… yummy cupcakes!

How about taking Diva home with you? :P

On a cold wintery evening, you can enjoy a cup of warm apple cider right at the venue.

The apple ciders come in a customized mug and you could keep the mug for $2.

Apple ciders are popular, there are at least a couple vendors selling it.

How about some spiced apples?

Or some kettle popcorn.

When we got to the market, it was not too crowded. So we took our time to walk around a bit before taking out camera gear and start snapping photos.

Curious about what she was thinking :)

After walking for a while, we felt hungry and was looking for some food.  There were German Hot Dogs!  Looks very yummy.

And there were German Pasta!  The pasta smelled very good so we went for it.  To say the least, next time we will try the hot dog ^^;

If you like to collect or give Christmas ornaments, there are some hand-made goodies here at the market.

Some of the candies here look very sweet and delicious.

I have a feeling that they will spoil your loved ones rotten :P

If the candies are not enough, you can always count on some chocolate!

We did enjoy the atmosphere and would definitely go again next year!

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  1. Vancouver Christmas (@VanChristmas)
    Vancouver Christmas (@VanChristmas) says:

    Hi Kam, thanks for taking such beautiful photos of the Vancouver Christmas Market. We’re really happy that you and your wife were able to come down during a nice (non rainy) day. We hope you have a magical Christmas and hope to see you at next year’s festivities. Merry Christmas Kam!


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