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Recently, I found myself enjoying tea a lot more than before. We have been getting tea from a local company at Steveston called Nikaido Tea and Gifts. Every night I found myself having some cravings for non-caffeinated tea at around 9:30ish. Also, we have been using local honey to see if it helps with our seasonal allergies. Today, my wife took me to Urban Tea Merchant in downtown Vancouver to try their high tea and it is a pretty nice experience.

As their name suggests, they sell tea. And there are lots of varieties in their store. They also have a section of the store for patrons to enjoy tea and snacks. Actually not just snacks, their menu gets pretty fancy and the price can get pretty expensive. This is actually one of the few times that I have gone for high tea and I have to behave extra gentlemanly to match the atmosphere.

After getting introduced to different tea leaves and smelling close to a dozen of them, we made up our minds. I, strangely, picked a coffee infused tea recommended by our host. The tea is called Number 12 and it was very delicious.

Apart from the fancy tea, there is also fancy snacks to go with the tea. Both my wife and I went for the regular set and it was quite yummy.

Scones were fluffy and I guess that is still my favourite tea pastry.

Walls and walls of tea.

Apart from tea, they also sell macaroons. If you like sweet stuff, this can be a real treat.

They also sell a variety of tea pots and tea cups. If you are a tea drinker, you would appreciate the atmosphere and the selection of tea at the Urban Tea Merchant.

They are located at 1070 West Georgia Street.

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