Arrived in Tokyo again!

After the pit stop in Hong Kong, on to the next destination – Tokyo.

The flight took 3.5 hours from Hong Kong. I was glad to see some clear sky upon arriving because the weather in Hong Kong was turning worse.

These service vehicles look like oversized golf carts.

The overhead signs look very nostalgic.  This is my 4th time in Tokyo and these signs didn’t change a bit.

When the last time we traveled to Tokyo, we used the Limousine Bus to get in and out of Narita Airport. But this time, I decided to try the JR-East Narita Express (N’EX) instead.

It is quite comfortable inside the train with lots of leg room, a fold-down tray for computer and even a power outlet should you need power for your gadgets. The pair of overhead monitors displays a lot of useful information like where on the route the train is, what the next station will be, the current weather condition, and weather forecast of major cities in Japan.

And there is not only one set of overhead monitors per car, there are 6 sets!

Got off from the N’EX at Shinjuku station and headed towards the remaining part of the trip.

This looks like another express train.

A train platform office for any questions you might have.

Love the Japanese signs even on the flooring of the platform.

On a regular commuter train, there were lots of salary men and salary women going home at this time of the day.

In case you are interested in the N’EX, here is some more information of a N’EX and Suica package available only to foreign travellers:

Basically, you can get to the JR-East ticket office at the ground floor of the terminal (for me it was Terminal 1). At the ticket office, you get purchase the N’EX and Suica package at a discounted price. You need to show the ticket agent your passport and the immigration permit.  You can pay by credit card if you like. You will be given 1 special N’EX ticket that has the departing time, the train platform, the train car number and your seating info printed right on the ticket.  You will also be given a Suica card with a booklet telling you how to use it. You will use the N’EX ticket to go through the gate and use the same N’EX ticket to get off from your destination station. The N’EX ticket is good for transferring to other JR Yamanote line trains as long as you switch platform to board another train without leaving the gate. You won’t need the Suica card for this part of the trip.

It saves some money and is a good way to get in and out of Narita Airport. After trying it out, I think I prefer the N’EX over the Limousine Bus unless the destination I am going is a direct drop off point on the Limousine Bus route.  If I had to transfer to a different transportation, the N’EX is a great way to get to Tokyo from Narita.

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