New Gundam Book

Got myself another Gundam book today.  It is published by Dengeki Hobby and has pretty nice Gunpla photos. A lot of those have already been published in the Dengeki Hobby magazines before but there are some new photos as well.

If you are curious, there are 20 Master Grade Gunplas included.  The table of contents only listed 16 for some reason.

The name of the book is Best 20 Master Grade of One Year War.  And this photo resembles one of the most memorable art work from the One Year War.

The book contains some pretty nice diorama and CG artwork.

And of course, Master Grade gunpla photos form the bulk of the book.

I don’t think I need to introduce any of these to you, they are classic (after 30 years, they’d better be classic).

One thing that strikes me about these books is that the photography of some 20cm models are all done very nicely and the perspective looks somewhat realistic, meaning they don’t look 20cm.

I often wonder what kind of camera equipment they use to take these photos.

In a way, a lot of these photos are like commercial product photography, and some of them resemble photography from movies where they use scaled models.

I just find the photo on the back cover of the book quite interesting.  Gunpla photography is getting more and more creative these days.

And I got this book from Iwase Bookstore at Yohan Centre.  I love the selection in Iwase Bookstore but I don’t like how much they charge.  For a ¥1260 book, I paid $28.98. That is double of the exchange rate.

Where do you get your Japanese books and magazines?  Do they cost you an arm and a kidney?

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