iPhone 3GS and Trip to Hong Kong Part 2

In Hong Kong, there is no surprise to see tall apartment buildings. Also, if you want to look at the sky, you would have to look straight up as most buildings would block you from looking at the sky if you don’t raise your head.

More photos were taken in Hong Kong using the iPhone 3GS and Camera+.

This type of corner houses in Hong Kong are very popular. Even though they are pretty old, you can still find lots of them around.

Some are more rundown than others…

Of course, there are lots of other styles of buildings, but the older ones are more interesting to me.

Density is the game in the real estate industry in Hong Kong. Get a block of land and build 400 sq ft flats, 10+ units per floor and multiply that by 70 floors! Still people are willing to purchase them at HK$10,000+ per sq ft for newer development. Some even cost over HK$30,000 per sq ft depending on location.

Some of the older apartment buildings are only 15 to 20 stories tall. But they are quickly being replaced by apartment buildings of 3 to 4 times their height.

I am not sure if privacy is an option when apartments are not very affordable for most people. The cheaper solution if you need privacy is to get some blinds.

Older apartment buildings are usually not very well maintained. Even though they are cheaper to rent, you would have to deal with problems like water leaks and cockroaches.

Commercial buildings can usually be found in residential areas. In a way, it does make it more convenient for working and shopping.

One can only imagine being in one of these apartments and looking out of the window, you see tens of the same windows facing your way….

These are the large air conditioners for the commercial floors under the residential floors. Heat is pumped out and rises to the floors above…. Can you imagine what it would be like if you live above and can’t afford to run your own air conditioner?

Of course, there are much much nicer living environments in Hong Kong than what was mentioned above. But for most people, those are not their option.

How affordable is real estate in your area? Typically, how long would it take to pay off an average house?

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    Very good. Wouldn’t know there were from 3GS if you didn’t tell me. Awaiting to see your GF2. Was this combo sufficient ? I bought my GF1 so I can travel light

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      The iPhone 3GS is not as fast as the iPhone 4 and the picture quality is also not as good. I needed an unlocked iPhone and the 3GS was the only one I got. GF2 was nice. I wish I had another lens other than just the G14 as it feels a bit limited from time to time. Was tempted to get lenses in Hong Kong but ended up saving the money for other more important spendings ^^;;


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