We went to Queen Elizabeth Park on the weekend took some more photos of sakura in Spring. These photos are taken using the Lumix GF2.

The bokeh produced by the f2.5 14mm lens is not too bad.  I am thinking of trying the f1.7 20mm lens for a comparison.

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2 Responses to More Spring Blossoms

  1. Howie says:

    Such different tones from the last set of blossoms. Both have strong compositions. I belief you won’t be amazed by the f1.7 boken, but the few extra step is really really helpful in low lights. Warning: Don’t touch unless you’re ready to buy =)

    • Kam says:

      Howie, thanks for the kind comments about the compositions. And thanks for the warning :) I agree it is more appropriate to spend $$ on Canon lenses.