Tokyo Trip 2013 – 05

While on our way leaving Meiji Jingu Shrine, we were greeted by the Hachiko Bus, and the lineup of young Japanese girls! :)

That was random… but we managed to get on to the JR line on route to Roppongi. We changed to the Metro after arriving at the Yoyogi JR Station.

The Toei Oedo line Yoyogi Station is just right next to the JR Yoyogi station.

Didn’t take long for us to arrive at Roppongi.

We went to Tokyo Midtown to meet up with a friend and had lunch.

It was quite yummy to say the least :)

We walked a little after lunch and decided to go to the Mori Tower.

Some scenery on route….

The number of dogs you have is a symbol of how rich you are….

We arrived at the Mori Tower after walking for about 15 minutes.

There were quite a few exhibits going at the same time. Choices choices.

Right next to the Mori Tower is the Asahi TV Station.

We found the beloved Doreamon.

And the Asahi TV mascot.

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