Wunderlist for Task Management

What do you use to keep track of your personal projects? How about for your work? I tried a lot of different ways to keep track of my tasks but I was never pleased with the different tools I used to use. They are either difficult to use, or they are limited to one or two platforms. With the number of devices and computers I use, depending on where I am and what I have with me, those tools didn’t satisfy all of my needs. And then there is Wunderlist!

What do I like about Wunderlist?

  1. It is simple to use – create multiple lists, and in each list contains your tasks.
  2. The price is right – Free!
  3. Available in different platforms – OSX, Windows, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), and Android on the way. They even have a browser friendly version!
  4. It is cloud sync’ed – I don’t have to worry about losing my data or copying data from device-to-device.
  5. It reminds you – add a due date and time and Wunderlist reminds you when a task is due. It can even send email reminders!
  6. Email tasks to your Wunderlist – you can email yourself tasks, whenever you think of them, even when you don’t have Wunderlist with you.
  7. It speaks multiple languages – 20 total on the OSX version, there’s got to be one you know.
  8. Task Sharing – What a concept! Invite others to see and use your task lists.
  9. Add notes to your tasks – if a one-liner is not enough, add some notes.
  10. Great user interface – clean and simple, comes with a collection of nice backgrounds, too!

I have been using Wunderlist for a while now. It has already replaced Things for Mac and Things for iPhone as my task management app.
Give it a try, it is wunderful!

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  1. Howie
    Howie says:

    I am just like that! I have a sucker at purchasing To-Do apps and wasted a lot of money trying different ones. I have yet to find one I like, not even Wunderlist. Wunderlist’s interface is gorgeous, but I remember I can not set projects and create “to-do’s” within projects and that was the only drawback with this. Tell me if that allows you to do that now and I’ll jump on it. I’ll go check it out after writing this.

    I am currently using 2DO for both iphone and iPad and Cloud syncing. I like how it also syncs with iCal’s TODO list . It’s not perfect and it can get messy when there are a bunch of lists of things to do, but it’s working for me so far. But I will definitely look into Wunderlist again.

  2. Kam
    Kam says:

    Hi Howie, yes Wunderlist is very simplistic and there is only one level of lists. But there is how I like it because I can use the name of the project for the list and I keep track of project todos in that project list. That works for my simplistic work load. Hope you find your perfect task management app.


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