Rocanini Coffee Roasters


Rocanini Coffee Roasters opened a new store in Steveston sometime ago and this is the first time I visited it.

They have nice coffee machines, they also make coffee using siphons.

If you are in a hurry, you can have your coffee while catching up with your daily newspaper at the window seat.

If you are not in a hurry and would like to enjoy your cup of coffee at a corner, there is also the lounging area to sit back.

You may also opt for a cozy cafe table to enjoy your coffee with your friends.

I personally like the lounge area better. It is quieter as you don’t hear the kitchen or the patrons picking and paying for their coffees.  The large windows also draw my attention.

I wasn’t expecting much food from a coffee house but their sandwiches was actually quite tasty. It was warmed up at the right temperature, perfect to go with the coffee.

The decor of the environment is contemporary and stylish.

Rocanini Coffee Roasters easily differentiates itself from the other chain coffee stores in the same area. If you are visiting Steveston and are ready for a cup of coffee, you may want to give Rocanini a try instead of going back to the regular run of the mill coffee stores.

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      Kam says:

      Thanks Howie. I really enjoy using the 10-22mm. My copy, however, has some chromatic aberration that is a bit annoying but it is not something software cannot fix :)


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