Prickly Pear / Steveston

Springtime is the best time to plant some flowers around your garden. I don’t have a garden but I like plants. So I visit gardening centres from time to time to dream up what I can plant if I had a garden. Like many cities, Richmond has a lot of places selling plants and they vary in price and quality. One of the places I like going is right in Steveston – Prickly Pear.

They often have a nice seasonal variety of plants and trees available. Their prices are not the cheapest but I found the quality of their plants is generally better than other locally owned stores in Richmond.

Their outdoor section has very interesting species of plants, I like their selections.

I would like to have a garden again one day, for now, I can only afford to get potted plants :)

And if you are looking for decorations and accessories for your garden, Prickly Pear has a good selection also. If you are in the Steveston area, you should really pay them a visit.

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