Coast Seafood Restaurant

Went out to have lunch with the team at work today at the Coast Seafood Restaurant at Alberni Street in Vancouver.  It was a surprisingly nice day with mild weather and lots of sun.  What is even better was the food served at lunch.

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

I had this burger that does not look like much on the outside.  However, the carb portion is minimal and the beef plater is topped with crab meat and some very yummy sauce that had me enjoying it from the beginning to the end.

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

What is even more amazing is this lobster poutine.  Look at the lobster meat on top of the fries and cheese.  I like lobster but sometimes I find it messy to have to remove the shell, this is my type of lobster!

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

I think this is grilled halibut, looks very delicious.

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

And a couple of us shared this cold seafood plater.  When it was served up, everyone was amazed how awesome it looked.  There was tiger prawns, lobster, mussels, alaska king crab, salmon sashimi, etc.

Coast Seafood Restaurant by you.

And we finished lunch with some amazing desserts.  The orange looking dessert has some kind of custard inside and white chocolate on the outside.  It is very sweet has has some fruity fragrance.  The brown looking dessert is some kind of coffee mousse.  It is full of coffee taste and it is not very sweet.  I don’t remember what their names are but I will definitely go back to find out if you like me to :P

All photos taken with my somewhat defective iPhone camera (coating on lens a bit scratched and pictures turn out to be very soft.)

PS: thanks Patricia for making this happen!

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  1. FatB
    FatB says:

    Ah… one of the luxuries of living on the coast. We have seafood here, but I bet it taste nothing like what you had. I wanna try lobster poutine.


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