Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, whether if you are having a white Christmas or not, may your’s be filled with lots of happiness, great food and beverages!

Well, we are not having a white Christmas in Vancouver.  The picture above was taken a month ago when we had  a snow storm.  On Christmas Eve, I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping.  It was so last minute that I shopped until the shops had to kick me out.

Not satisfied with just having gifts for others, I decided to take some photos of the rather empty street after I put the shopping into the car.

I only had the iPhone with me.  Slightly blurry photos resulted….

It is a bit surreal to see nice shops and restaurants all setup, but are empty.  All shops closed early on Christmas Eve.

Did you get some nice gifts from Santa?

The nice thing about rainy weather is there is lots of reflection on the street, making the photos extra colourful.

It was only 4:30PM and it was getting dark….  Time to get going with Christmas celebration :)

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  1. Edward
    Edward says:

    I came close to get tossed out into the street myself. ^^; We received a light dusting of snow today. Snow from earlier this month is still on the ground. It been to cold for it to melt.

    Santa was nice to me this year. New car lease so going shopping helped me enjoy my gift.

    Hope you and chun are enjoy your Christmas.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Thanks Edward, it was a relaxing holiday weekend for us. Nothing beat eating and sleeping in. Hopefully I will be more productive this coming week :)


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