Another Sunny Autumn Day

What is more abundant than the good weather in Autumn is maybe pumpkins? But when you put both together, they really brighten up your day!

These are pretty big pumpkins, it is almost big enough to carve a Cinderella’s Coach.

With so many to choose from, I am sure you will find a suitable one for your Cinderella :)

Just make sure you don’t take this home with your pumpkin.

A family of pumpkins :)

With so many pumpkins, you need some good recipes to make the most of them.  Like these taken from Canadian Living Magazines:

Good luck with your pumpkin hunt if you haven’t started, and good luck with your cooking if you got your pumpkins :)

Other than pumpkins, the mild sunny Autumn weather is my other favourite.

The red leaves on trees are another reason why I love Autumn.

Even though the trees are slowly getting more naked, it is nature’s way of saying thanks for another good year of hard work. Time to prepare for Winter :)

I keep missing trying to enjoy Autumn in Japan. I am sure I will see the red leaves in Japan one day!

Do you enjoy Autumn in your area?  What are some of the favourite things about Autumn you can think of?

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