HG Seravee Gundam – Part 3

Worked on the HG Seravee Gundam over the weekend and got it all snapped together. It is a lot bigger than I originally anticipated. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Picked up from where I left off last time: the legs.

Put together the hip and then snapped the canons on the side together. Was getting excited and forgot to take pictures of the canons in progress.

Was so excited that there were a couple parts that weren’t put together in the right direction. Guess if you can figure it out ^^;

The torso is quite articulated. This picture has the Seravee Gundam banding back to the full extent.

This picture has the Seravee Gundam bending forward all the way. The amount of articulation is excellent for a high grade kit.

Now on to the Seraphim Gundam backpack. This high grade kit does not come with a real Seraphim Gundam. Instead, it comes with a backpack looking thing that resembles Seraphim Gundam hanging off the back of Seravee Gundam.

There is the face.

And here are the antennas.

It looks kind of funny with the eyes hidden.

The face is super big and I can’t wait to paint this.

With the legs attached. The legs need some work as the seams are pretty badly aligned.

Attached it to the Seravee Gundam. The proportion looks pretty good.

With the arms attached to the Seraphim Gundam, the whole Gundam looks pretty complete.

Almost forgot about the GN Bazooka. I am not sure if I like making weapons because they are usually a lot of seam lines to worry about. But the GN Bazooka seems to be pretty well designed in that a lot of the seam lines are hidden.

The legs of the Seraphim Gundam makes the GN Bazooka looks longer.

Now with the GN Bazooka II (doubled up), it looks like a much more powerful weapon.

I really like the proportion of this HG kit. It makes the model looks taller than it actually is.

The only thing I think I might do is to modify the shoulder packs a bit. They seem to be a bit small in my opinion.

So there you go, the next step I need to do is to fix all the seams and see if there are places I need to add any other details. The arms of the Seraphim Gundam is pretty bad. The panel lines don’t line up and there is a lot of work to make them look right. Well, at least it is a 1/144 scale and hopefully, it won’t take that long to finish it.

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Not yet, got to get Seraphim Gundam instead of the fake backpack to be able to activate the Trial system ^^;


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