Nyko PS3 Charge Base 2

I have had the PS3 for a while now.  It is a great entertainment machine for gaming and also for movie watching.  With BD remaining as the HD media standard (feel sorry for the HD-DVD standard), PS3 is a great value for what it can do.

Despite the nice exterior design and slick user interface, one of the few annoyances I have with the PS3 is recharging the controller.  Even though the PS3 is plugged in 24/7, you have to have the machine turned on and running before you can recharge the wireless controllers.  Of course, you can recharge it during gameplay as well, but that is somewhat inconvenient as we have cats and they love biting wires.

So a friend of mine got me this Nyko PS3 Charge Base 2.

It is arguably one of the most space-saving controller recharger.  Without having an external power adapter, it plugs right into the wall socket.

The unit is piano black on the side, matching the original PS3’s enclosure.

Unlike some of the other controller recharger that has 2 mini USB ports that plugs into the PS3 controllers, the Nyko implementation comes with a couple of adapters that you install to the controller.

Once installed, you leave these permanently plugged in so that you don’t ruin the mini USB port on the controller by constantly having to plug and unplug every time you need to recharge the controller.  They look pretty stylish, don’t they?

When you need to recharge the controllers, just dock them into the charger.  With the adapters, it is just a matter of dropping the controller to the slot.  Very easy to use.

During charging, the charger indicator light will lit up in red; when charging is finished, the light will lit up in green.  I am very happy with the product and would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a PS3 controller recharger.

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  1. ken
    ken says:

    you know if they have a mouse interface for the ps3? playing modern warfare 2 with the joypad is just horrible. ^^


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