Sunset at Garry Point Park

Have you been to Garry Point Park?  It is a popular park at Steveston where lots of festivity happens in the Summer.  In the Winter, it is also a very good place to see the sunset in case you miss the sun (a typical situation for most who live in Vancouver).

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It is located at the south west corner of Richmond, right next to the Steveston Village.  It is a great place to relax when you need to breath some fresh air from the sea, or to run into David Suzuki.  (Yes I did)

The sunset in Winter here is very mild if it is not raining or snowing.  Yesterday was a totally different day and I couldn’t have taken these pictures.  A friend was visiting and we walked out when the sun was peeking out, but that only lasted 20 minutes and it was windy and rainy after.  We were cold.

But a sunset like this really makes people like to enjoy the last bit of sunshine before it sets.

Because you know the night is going to be cold and it may be rainy tomorrow.  There was one year I swear I didn’t see the sun for 4 months straight.  Boy, was I longing to live somewhere else.

This Winter, it has been very mild in comparison.  We had only one day of snow in December and it melted away in no time.  Let’s hope the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games starting in exactly 40 days in Vancouver will look somewhat like a “Winter” Olympic :P

What are Winters like in your area?  Do you miss the Summer weather when it becomes chilly?

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    • Kam
      Kam says:

      Vancouver has very mild Summer weather and if it gets hot, it usually only last a week or two and that’s it. But Summer time in Vancouver is the best, you get super long sunny days and you don’t have to break a sweat. But we pay for that in the wet and cold Winter ^^;


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