Culture Japan and Danny Choo

During our trip in Japan, we had the privilege to meet with Danny a couple of times and attend his Culture Japan Season 2 recording.  It was awesome being able to see how Culture Japan is made at Danny’s headquarters. Also it was great to meet new friends via Danny.

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Visit Danny-San

While we were in Tokyo, we spent some time with Mr. Danny Choo. It was nice to see him and his wife again.  Both me and my wife have been following Danny’s blog for a number of years. I started reading Danny’s blog when he still had time to make Gunplas. I remember at that time I was looking for PG Strike photos online and was totally impressed by the quality of content Danny posted on his blog.  It was great to have met him for the second time in the past few years and hope many more to come. Here are a selected few photos to share with you.

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