Art Space Tokyo Arrived

My copy of Art Space Tokyo arrived, actually it arrived on March 8th. I just never got time to blog about it until now.

As mentioned in my previous blog post about this book, I accidentally came across Craig’s site from search for more Lumix GF-1 info. And then I was interested in his book called Art Space Tokyo. It covers 12 galleries in Tokyo, one of which I visited before. So I have 11 more to go!  The book brings you information about each gallery, such as it’s location, along with a guided tour map that outlines what is worthwhile to visit around the area.  There is also some background information of each gallery, like their history, general information like closest train station, opening hours, entry fee, etc. There are also interviews of the people behind each gallery. It is a nice guide if you are planning to explore art galleries the next time you are in Tokyo.

I managed to find this book on, but it was actually sold by I am very impressed by the way they package the book. The envelope was padded, then the book was also wrapped in padded bubble wrap.

The book arrived in pristine condition and I was quite happy that they also included some information about other products they sell.

Joseph Tame, Production and Marketing Director of, commented on my previous blog post and I was impressed how much he cares about just one book sale. For everything Joseph Tame, visit his portal!

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