Granville Island in Autumn

Been having some very mild and gorgeous weather this Autumn. These couple weekends we managed to visit Granville Island and experience it again like we were tourists.

We caught some red leaves just in time before our rain storm knocks them off the branches.

I love red leaves, I think we need to plant more colourful trees around us.

Granville Island is one of those dog friendly communities that both you and your canine friends will enjoy.

We had coffee here before and it was quite yummy.

Apart from cafes and a store for handmade brooms, you will also find all sorts of specialty stores like this one that sells designer stationary and special paper.

On the north side of Granville Island looks over to downtown Vancouver. The Granville Bridge looks extra colorful with the sunlight casting on it during sunset.

Granville Island is within walking distance from downtown Vancouver.  It is definitely a retreat for the dwellers in downtown to enjoy the quieter moments especially on a weekend.

Roasted chestnuts, anyone?

Every time we come to Granville Island, we have to visit the Public Market.  It has lots and lots of goodies inside. Lets take a little tour.

With all the food stores around the grocery stores, they will keep you going with your shopping for hours.

Apart from the Public Market, there is also this bread company that makes some pretty interesting bread.

From there, it was the first time we found “part baked” bread. It feels a lot heavier and softer than normal bread you get from grocery stores because it is only “partly” baked.

It is an awesome idea for those who love to have their bread warm and freshly baked but don’t want to make their own dough.

After baking, it makes very yummy sandwiches with the ingredients we got from the Public Market. :)

We had fun at Granville Island, we will definitely visit there more often.

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