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Have to agree with a lot of iPad owners, reading on the iPad is a great experience. Been using it to read some of my favorite magazines (Dengki Hobby). The screen is very easy to read. I thought it would be a lot harder to read than the Kindle which has the e-ink technology, but it is not as bad as I thought. The reflection sometimes bugs me especially reading with a light behind me. But I was able to adjust and get the best contrast from the screen.

Now I can have a collection of my favorite magazines all in the same device. Imagine all the space I can save from my bookshelves for more Gunplas :)

Some of the apps I use to read on the iPad includes ComicZeal4, an okay app because it crashes sometimes and the UI for managing your collection can be better.

Also, I am very impressed with the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad. Getting books delivered to the iPad and the iPhone a minute after the 1Click checkout from Amazon.com is an amazing experience. As long as the ebook is available in your region, you don’t have to call up a bookstore and see if it is in stock anymore. You also don’t have to wait for the printed book to be mailed to you via UPS. It is “instant”! If you do not already know, Kindle also allows you to highlight in your ebook, make notes to any text you select, and see popular highlights from all readers of the same book.

Kobo is another competitor of Kindle, Kobo is made by Chapters Indigo. I have not tried buying any books from them yet because it looks like the Kobo app is not as advanced as the Kindle. Whispersync on the Kindle is magical if you need to pick up where you leave off in your reading in any device you associated with your Amazon account. I highly recommend trying it!

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  1. Otaku Surf
    Otaku Surf says:

    The resolution on the Dengeki Hobby magazine cover looks pretty nice on the iPad. I’m still on the fence whether or not to get an iPad, but it looks like you can do all sorts of things with it…like look at gunpla!

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      The resolution is 1024 x 768, it is XGA resolution in a 10″ format. However, being able to zoom in easily to books or magazines published in high resolution makes reading on it quite a different experience from reading the same thing on a computer screen. I am finding it to be my favorite screen for reading.

    • Kam
      Kam says:

      humm good question. I have not seen any publisher publishing electronic versions of their gundam books yet.


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