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It is difficult to believe we have maybe less than half of our summer left. It started sort of early, then cooled down for a couple of weeks. And then the heat came back for real.

Sharing some of the photos I took in the past month or so here.  Hope you like them.

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We had another super nice day in Vancouver. This time I was at Queen Elizabeth Park. Lucky I got there before they increase the special parking fee to $20 a day for Olympic events during Feb 16 to Feb 27.

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Winter in Vancouver rains a lot.  It is so wet that it feels extra cold.  And because it is so wet, it is particularly difficult to take photos.  I have been slowly accumulating some photos over the past few weeks from random days of dryness and here are some of the Winter photos in Steveston to share with you.

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Have you been to Garry Point Park?  It is a popular park at Steveston where lots of festivity happens in the Summer.  In the Winter, it is also a very good place to see the sunset in case you miss the sun (a typical situation for most who live in Vancouver).

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There is no doubt that Winter is here in Vancouver.  I have been collecting some Steveston sunset photos.  Finally got some time to post them.

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Got some photos of migrating bird sighting to share with you. These were taken back in October. Moving put taking photos on a backseat and now I am catching up to post photos I took last month.

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Evening Commute by you.

Some of us have regular day jobs, and like many of you, I commute to and from work using public transit.  I used to drive every day but found that is not a very good use of my time.  Driving needs constant concentration on the road, that means I cannot listen to podcast, I cannot check email, I cannot follow tweets, I cannot read books.  So I abandoned driving to and from work since 2003.  Although commuting takes time too, during rush hours, driving is not that much faster as long as your routine is the same.

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I remember about the same time last year we came to Whytecliff Park for a bit of leisure walk.  I always like to pick a crisp day in Autumn to come here for some reason.  This year is no exception.

Whytecliff Park by you.

We came at around 5:30 PM and it was just about the right time to wait for sunset.

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